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Easy Developer Halloween Costumes

It’s always a drag to come up with fun costumes for Halloween. Especially if you’re a developer and you’re lazy. Luckily, we have some ideas that should be pretty painless to pull off. Click the images for the original source link.

An Error Message

There’s nothing scarier to a programmer than an unexplained error message or bug. Haunt fellow developers when you show up to the office party wearing…

Blue Screen or Pinwheel of Death

Blue Screen of Death Credit: Costume Fail  Pinwheel of Death Credit: BuzzFeed

A monitor on your head = true commitment.

404 Error

Error Message Credit: Invisible Children

Lazy AND clever.

A “Heisenbug”


Go to the costume store. Grab a Walter White get-up (goatee, sunglasses and hat) and any wearable wings. You’ve just become a Heisenbug.

We haven’t seen it done yet, but we really, really want to. Don’t let us down, internet!

Programming Tools

What better costume for a work party than a tool that you use every day? You could go as…

A Ruby on Rails Developer

Ruby on Rails Credit: May Miller Ricci

Wear red, put toy train tracks on your shoes and you’re in business!

Java Developer


This one couldn’t be easier. Carry around a coffee mug (or Starbucks cup) all day if you’re too lazy to cut a giant cardboard cup.

Bipolar Junction Transistor


Because if you’re going to go nerdy, you might as well go really nerdy.

Famous Programmers 

Developers are having a moment right now. Channel pop culture programmers with these costumes.

Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg
baby steve jobs mark-zuckerberg-halloween

All you need is a black turtleneck or a gray hoodie and bam! Instant tech titan. Good luck being as cute as this baby though.

Elliot from Mr. Robot


Back to the hoodie-as-a-costume idea. If it works, it works!

A Brogrammer


Pop that collar, put on some shades and ship that costume.

A Tech Mascot

There’s a reason companies choose to represent themselves with illustrated animals. Mascots are damn adorable. These might take a little more effort to pull off, but they’re worth it.

GitHub’s Octocat

Octocat Credit: @JustinLicata

Bonus points for a GitHub hoodie.

The Android Droid

Android Robot Credit: Josh

Perfect if you’re an Android Developer!

The Reddit Alien

Reddit Alien Credit: Tech.Co

Hey, you spend a lot of time on r/programming.

Tux the Linux Penguin


Make Linus Torvalds proud.

Web Browsers

Browsers Credit: Pinterest

Last one to join has to be Internet Explorer!

That’s it for our ideas! What are you dressing up as for  this Halloween?


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